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George Lucas' "Vision"
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5-Oct-2012, 7:17 PM

I'm 19 and whatever the argument may be I will forever put my foot down and support the original versions of the Star Wars Trilogy 'til my dying day!! Star Wars was a film released in 1977 therefore it should remain a film released in 1977!!!!! Same thing with ESB and ROTJ. I always agree that films should be presented for future generations in their original forms. I don't want to see CGI in films that were released in a time where CGI was not in existence yet!! I don't want to see a CGI King Kong or CGI shark in Jaws. Not only CGI but audio changes bother me too. I hated the 5.1 remix of Jaws and will only watch that film in the original mono. Now I'm not saying that George should not express his vision and has no right to change his films. The part that bothers me is his refusal to give the DIE-hard SW fans their option of viewing the theatrical cut in addition to the Special Editions. For instance, when Spielberg made the changes to E.T. he made sure that when the new version was put on DVD that Universal would package it with the original as well. Thankfully since then he says he regrets the changes and the new Blu-Ray/DVD of E.T. will indeed be the original. George is going as far as to say that Greedo shooting first was always the case. His explanation is because its done in closeups it gives the impression that Han shot first. Pfffft how stupid does he think we are? As far as the Blu-Rays go I dont have a Blu-Ray player nor do I have a desire to get one at the moment. I've heard about the Blu-Ray changes to the Trilogy and I don't want those editions. It may be George's vision but trying to erase history by throwing todays technology into an already finished product is wrong!!! Star Wars is a 1977 film, Empire Strikes Back is a 1980 film, and Return of the Jedi is a 1983 film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!