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Which version/release of the Star Wars movies do you watch and why?
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5-Oct-2012, 6:38 PM
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11-Aug-2013, 8:46 PM
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Any version prior to 1997!!!!! Well let's see. My first Trilogy was the 1995 VHS set. This was the originals remastered in THX and was the last time until 2006 that the originals surfaced on video. I played the HELL out of that trilogy. Then I became interested in the Special Editions for small reasons. For instance I knew Jabba the Hutt was in ANH and wanted to check that out. I got that trilogy on VHS when I was about 5 or 6. It was interesting but I didnt have to second guess myself when I had to decide for myself which I preferred. I had already played out my '95 set and that was still the version that I played more. Another reason for this was because my dad wanted me to keep the SE trilogy in good shape and he kept it in a cupboard when I wasnt using it. That was ok since I preferred the originals anyway and would watch the SE's on occasion. I then became interested in the 1992 set. This was the last editions of the originals on VHS to feature the original poster art. I knew about this set because a close friend of my mother's had those editions. I used to borrow their tapes even though I had the '95 and '97 sets. When I was about 8 I finally got my own set of the '92 tapes. I played out those tapes a lot as well possibly just as much as the '95 set. Since then I've gotten more trilogy's. I got the Widescreen VHS sets of the '92, '95, and '97 releases. I also have the '04 DVDs and '06 DVDs. Other VHS releases I have include the '92, '95, and '97 sets SEALED, the '84 VHS releases, the 1990 box set, and more. Right now I suppose the editions I prefer is my '95 box set, the '92 box set, and the '06 DVDs even though they're poor transfers. I also have recently enjoyed Harmy's DeSpecialized edition.