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Star Wars Trilogy LP Preservations (Released)
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3-Oct-2012, 11:30 AM

7FN said:

Those files were from my 2008 version 1 transfers. Different turntable setup, LPs, not professionally cleaned etc etc. Leaving the issue of high-res vs. standard-res audio to one side, the version 2s are wayyyy better in every respect. I'd delete the version 1s...

Somehow missed all of your responses to my posts in this thread. Should subscribe.

I only meant that they weren't mp3s - understood from the thread that this new transfer was much better than the old 2008 one.

And as I said - and without wishing to appear like some audio-snob - you need a decent Hi-Fi seperates system to appreciate high-res files. I'm a very firm believer in the less digital processing you do to a file, the better. Converting from 24/96 to 16/44.1 is yet more processing/changing of the original signal... If you want the 'purist' version of my LP transfers, 24/96 is it. Though the Izotope SRC did do a very good job of converting these to 16 bit files, I must say.

Awesome. I have a pretty decent low-end system (TCA Gizmo (page 17), WAF-1 (page 8),  DAC-WOW) but the DAC is the USB version and won't do 24-bit. I'll eventually upgrade but not any time soon.