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Star Wars Trilogy LP Preservations (Released)
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3-Oct-2012, 10:30 AM

7FN said:

bilditup1 said:

7FN said:

If anybody is feeling flush enough to buy this and send it over, I'd transfer it to high-res like the others, and give the owner a couple DVDs (and send the LP back, of course!) containing all the existing transfers by way of thanks.


Dude I'm not done listening to even the first disc of your release yet, but I am on board. If I could have the seller send it directly to wherever you are I'll do it, too. I'd wanna have it back at the end of the process though



Thanks for the offer mate - very much appreciated. However thinking about it even a sealed new LP is no guarantee of a good pressing, and for that price it would be a gamble. You couldn't really send it back again if there was a fault, especially after sending it out to me first. Even more of a gamble would be sending it over to the UK, and from the UK back again to yourself, without it getting bent/damaged en route. If you'd be willing to risk all that, then cool. If not, I'm still keeping an eye out for a mint pressing here in the UK. They turn up fairly often so it shouldn't take too long.

Hmm, well how are you supposed to know whether it is a good pressing before you buy it regardless? At least if it's new you know that nobody has futzed with it before, right? So lemme know if you change your mind. The obstacle here might be getting them to send it to you, if the guy requires PayPal confirmed. As you say, two transatlantic trips before you even receive it is worse than none, and more expensive to boot. It wouldn't take so long as I'm on the Atlantic seaboard but would still of course add to the time and cost. But sellers all have diff policies, so I'll see if I could talk them into it - they tend to listen to you more when you have perfect feedback - in the event you decide to go through with it.

Re feedback (the other kind) and common courtesy - I feel your pain, and do hope you change your mind on that front, too. Unfortunately this kinda thing is often thankless :(