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.: The X9 Project :. (Released)
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24-Sep-2012, 1:29 PM

msycamore said:



The chroma smear seen in this example of the X9 cap is mostly seen on fast moving scenes and objects such as laser blasts or other saturated objects, this being when Solo running past the camera, and actually reminds me very much of the artifacts seen in GOUT. It is noticeable throughout the transfers of SW & ESB at least, how this appeared must be down to some form of temporal filtering of some sort in the capture process, maybe a bad 3D comb filter? Sometimes it actually makes some of the static shots less detailed than your old DVD.

This isn't just about me pointing out the flaw in the capture as I am genuinely interested in how these kind of artifacts appear, as I would like to avoid them myself if I ever get the chance of using better capture equipment. There's also other issues with the chroma, such as bleeding and a chroma shift that is not seen in either my LD or D_J's DVD's. (can post examples of this if you are curious) Something must've gone wrong in the capture process.

Hope I don't come off as an a-hole bashing your work.

Don't worry about coming off as an a-hole. You're just pointing out some errors. The smearing looks indeed terrible. I don't know why I haven't seen it before. The V800 capture was done using a capture card with a Philips SAA713x (can't remeber the x, 2 or 4?) chipset. The X9 capture was done with the Sweetspot capture card which has on older chipset iirc. Maybe the newer chipset gives better results although the sweetspot should be a better quality card overall. 

There was also another strange thing with the sweetspot (which has probably nothing to do with the smearing), if I captured the same clip twice the first field of the same frame could be either a top field in the first capture and a bottom field in the second capture whereas with my other capture card the first field of the same frame was always a top field or bottom field in all captures.