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see you auntie
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Side by Side Documentary (Digital vs Film)
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19-Sep-2012, 8:27 PM

I don't think it's close to an ad for cameras, it seemed balanced to me. Considering film cameras are no longer produced you have to buy digital and I think all the big companies got equal face time.

And Keanu is pretty great, say what you will about his acting, I've always liked him and he's great in this, a really affable guy. Really passionate about film, knowledgeable and really interested in the changing climate in the industry.

I didn't really want to bring up Lucas but the fact that he surrounds himself with concept art, story boards and monitors like he's self promoting is such a douchey move. And you can see it's not just the room he was in, it was set up that way for the interview, while every other filmmaker is just sitting in a nondescript room.

It's like he has to promote Star Wars at every opportunity and always portray the aura of this creative genius and grand visionary. "OK Keanu I'll do your documentary, but only if I can remind the world I'm the genius that created Star Wars, might sell a few more blu-rays"