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What is your home theater setup for watching Star Wars movies? (or what equipment would like to get if you could afford it/or dream setup?)
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18-Sep-2012, 2:37 PM
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18-Sep-2012, 2:38 PM
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AntcuFaalb said:

I prefer watching movies on my 36" GE CRT TV :-D

It weighs 148lb., but it doesn't hurt my eyes like my 1080p LG LCD TV does.

I agree actually. LCD and PC gives more eye strain and far quicker than my CRT.

Currently I flop between my dedicated setup which has a 36" Sony Trinitron CRT flat panel connected to LD composite and PS3 via component. My sound goes to my Sony STR-DE675 multichannel receiver (100 watts per channel) and goes to a Klipsch sound system (KG.5 bookshelf speakers for L/R and surrounds, KV-1 center and 8" SWV for subwoofer)

My PC setup is a midlevel Compaq PC which I use MPC-HC 64 bit and VLC for video, configured the realtek audio drivers correctly, and have a Logitech X-540 5.1 speaker set. The monitor is also a Compaq 16:9 lcd display which can do just over 720p.

Headphones are currently Sennheiser HD-202s.

My problem is that I get better sound on my main setup, but a more detailed picture on my PC. On almost all the OT projects I wind up watching on PC first to see everything, and later on the CRT for more of an experience factor.


Since my budget is pretty strapped at the moment, I've considered putting my tiny monitor on a stool in my little HT. ;) What I really need is a stand that can take the weight of my behemoth Sony which clocks in about 240 lbs. It's still on the floor as of now, which makes viewing angle a pain. (But not as bad as moving the thing up a flight of stairs!!)