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Macross: Do You Remember Love?
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2-Sep-2012, 3:32 PM
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The blu ray is taken from a new transfer with different colors than the HD restored DVD.

Surprised that the studio did not just dump the existing HD master to disc like some Companies do.

What ever fan restoration is enacted is going to be difficult for the reasons stated by others and the above poster.

The previous restoration was better color wise than the unrestored theatrical cut.  But too much dvnr.  Which has the tendency to make things look like video.  Which was also a problem on the tv series hopefully those blu rays at a higher resolution don't look like the mess of the 35mm negative DVD.

Too Clean too much grain removed.  But nicer colors.

It was cool that the limited DVD set offered both the grainy original and cleaner version.  Not so the BD has none of those and an entirely different assembly of the movie. With music altered missing and nonsensical cuts made to violence. Most likely because it was part of a video game release.