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Macross: Do You Remember Love?
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2-Sep-2012, 1:30 PM
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it sucks what they did



mentioned above is the fact that there is also more than the issue of video footage that has been changed (censored). also problematic is the fact that some music (BGM) has been removed. you *could* try to mix the audio section in from the DVD (or LD), but I have a feeling it will be fairly jarring quality coming from a DD source and mixing to a BD LPCM (if using the remastered DVDs, you need to unpack the DD track and then resample it first, then mix and effect it so the splices aren't totally obvious). That kind of covers the 2.0 track. Good luck doing a fan upmix to match the 5.1 mix on the BD (I would probably NOT try to even fix the BGM on that). I don't own any of the LDs, so I don't know their quality, but can anyone say if the audio is PCM? If so, this would obviously be a better source than the DVDs (unless there was an issue with the track I am unaware of).



the video o/c needs the scenes upscaled w/ lancoz or w/e from the DVD (or LD), cropped to match, photoshopped and color (incl bit depth broadened), and I actually think the BD will show more grain, not less (I would hope, I like grain), but either way, the texture needs to match... so the grain may have to be removed/smoothed from upscaled shots, then noise (fake grain) added to replicate the BDs grain texture.



there is also a new opening text screen, not on previous versions.



take in to consideration I did not buy this b/c the Lucasfied gaffs, so this is all based on other forum discussions and screen shots, but it seems pretty accurate what has been removed and added. I have thought about it and whether I want to bother, or if i will stick to my remasterd DVD with added fansubs to disc 1 (haven't found fansubs to use for Discs 2 and 3). It seems like more than I want to bother with, tbh, especially given my kids don't like me to have hobbies and time to my self :P