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Preserving "French" Original Trilogy - ANH V1.0 released - ESB in progress
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1-Sep-2012, 4:08 PM
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marvins said:

I like when Solo say : "Prends ta pelle et ton seau et va jouer" to Luke. Anyway, I prefer Solo french voice as the original voice of Harrison Ford.

Heh, that's really funny... the German translation of that line is rather dry compared to both the English and French versions: "Schön brav Junge, sonst kannst du gern wieder aussteigen!" ("Be a good boy, or feel free to get out right away.") I also noticed that Han keeps calling Luke "Tiger" in the French dub :D

And regarding the dubbing voice actors, it's like that in Germany... you grow up with these voices as opposed to the actors' own voices, so it feels weird when you listen to the original for the first time. And while by now I'm used to watching original versions, German dubs still are very important to me. And with something like Star Wars there's so much nostalgia in these translated versions, that it's impossible to let those go.

And regarding Harrison Ford it's especially nice that since Star Wars he has the same German voice actor, Wolfgang Pampel, on all his movies... and he's so good, that he simply IS Ford for us. I'll definitely give some of the other dubs a try now that the MKV is loaded with audio options :)