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Darth Lars
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The Hobbit (2014) - Resource and idea thread
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29-Aug-2012, 10:08 AM
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Many fans of J.R.R. Tolkien were disappointed when Peter Jackson announced that his adaptation of the single book "The Hobbit" was going to be released as three movies, with the story stretched out into all three movies and with a lot of cruft inserted into them that is not part of Tolkien's book. The first movie will be released in December 2012, but the third movie is not scheduled for release until mid-2014.

I believe that there is a strong desire among fans to have an edit Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy that is condensed as one movie, as well as there being a desire among fan-editors to make separate edits of each movie. The purpose of this thread is both to collect ideas and to list resources that could be used for such fan-edits. I have not done any fan-edit but I would like to help how I can, and also to speed things along so that I can see them sooner...

Although there can not be a fan-edit of the complete story until after a Blu-Ray release of the 2014 movie, I think that the community is able to collect ideas from the original book and resources that consist of other adaptations that have already been made. For instance, the text in the book is sometimes in verse and in a narrative style, and some think that the movie(s) should have a narrator. It also contains several songs, that we yet do not know whether they will be in Peter Jackson's movie or not, and most of them will probably be sung with different music.


The Hobbit (1977)
Narrator at the beginning.
Soundtrack reckord
Songs: Blunt the knives. Misty Mountains (Thorin + dwarves)

Movie Soundtrack:

The Hobbit (1977)
Several songs, both original and new for the movie.

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey (2012)
Songs: Blunt the Knives,  Misty Mountains Cold (Thorin + dwarves)


Audio books:

One type of resources are all the audio books/radio dramatizations that exist.
each has a narrative voice that could be used. 

The radio books are quite easy to find on the net, if you know what to look for. Samples can be heard on the web without having to download.

BBC Radio Drama (1968)
Full cast.
Duration 3h, 25min.

Audio book, Harper Collins  
Narrator: Rob Inglis
Duration: 11 hours (Unabridged version)

Audio Book, Argo, (1974)
Narrator: Nicol Williamsson
Duration 3h, 42min  (Abridged version)