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Aalenfae's PREQUEL TRILOGY (Heavily delayed - computer exploded)
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16-Aug-2012, 7:03 AM

MrInsaneA said:

Coov said:

I always hated how all of that laser fire flies in front of the ship.  As Jango turns, the lasers would still be heading in the direction they were heading to begin with. 

Watching that clip I thought it may be pretty cool if Obi has R4 prepare the spare part canisters before Jango even fires that over the top heat seeking mistle thingy.

How the hell would Obi-Wan know to do that?

It would tighten the scene up and make Obi-Wan a bit more of a badass that knows what he is doing. He does not have many of those moments in AOTC. He does become a General, after all. Some of those twists and turns are quite over the top.  That could shorten it a bit.