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The Old Republic was formed in 25,000 BBY, not 1000 BBY.

Lightsaber technology did not exist when the Dark Jedi who would become the Sith came to be; the Jedi at that time used alchemically-enhanced swords.

Modern lightsabers did not exist in 5000 BBY; the Jedi used archaic lightsabers with cords connected to external power packs worn at the hip, while the Sith used crystalline broadswords.

Jedi are not limited to blue & green lightsabers, and Sith/Dark Jedi are not limited to red lightsabers; an unlimited number of lightsaber colours and hues are available to Force-users, regardless of their respective affiliations.

Jedi tend to eshew the use of lightsabers as they grow older and attain the rank of Jedi Master, choosing to rely sole on the Force when in battle.

The leader of the Old Republic was called the president, not the supreme chancellor.

Jedi apprentices are called Jedi apprentices, not padawans.

Darth is not a title used by the Sith; if there were other Sith other than Vader with Darth in their names, it was because their mamas and papas thought it would make for a good name.

The Jedi use the Force for defense, never for attack.

Jedi Knights/Masters are allowed to train more than one apprentice at a time.

Palpatine was a young man when he became a senator (and eventually president) not a middle aged man.

The Sith are not limited to two members at a time.

Anakin was a cunning warrior and a good friend, not an unremarkable asshole.

The Jedi are allowed to socialize with their parents, to fall in love, to marry and have children, to be part of a real family.

Boba Fett was the alias of a man named Jaster Mereel who was exiled from his homeworld for killing a fellow Journeyman Protector (a type of police officer); he was not a clone of Jango Fett, and not a Mandalorian (though he did come to wear a suit of Mandalorian armour later in life after becoming a bounty hunter).

Yoda did own a lightsaber at one point, but it was yellow, not green, and he had stopped using it long ago and had passed it on to an apprentice named Qu Rahn.

The Clone Wars occurred prior to 35 BBY, not 22-19 BBY, and the clones fought against the Republic, not for it.

Children are called children, not younglings.

Palpatine was a self-taught dark side sorceror, not a Sith.

Palpatine's withered appearance in ROTJ is the result of decades of dark side use taking its toll on his body and causing it to prematurely age and decay, not from deflected Force lightning melting his face.

The Jedi Purge occured decades after the Clone Wars ended, not during them.

The Jedi Purge was an event that spanned a lengthy amount of time - possibly years - not some brief assassination that spanned mere hours.

Palpatine would never have Force-sensitive children killed, as they would be vulnerable to indoctrination, and could be made to serve him as Dark Jedi agents within his Empire.