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Macross: Do You Remember Love?
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9-Aug-2012, 9:58 AM
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9-Aug-2012, 7:50 PM
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I am interested in hearing how your friend in Japan is attempting to restore the SDFM:DYRL theatrical version.

Would he be patching certain BD censored scenes with the remastered DYRL DVD or with the DYRL LDs?

The remastered DYRL DVD video transfer showed a lot of video grain in  scenes that have a black background.  I understand that video grain is always a part of film, but the mpeg2 dvd codec made the film grain look worse than what is shown on the DYRL bluray.

Some scenes in the BD are lot less sharp than others and have lots of film grain, dirt and specks.  Would there be a way of fixing that?

Would he consider updating the 5.1 audio for the missing introduction of the DYRL song?

The remastered DYRL stereo audio also has problems with audio pop and click sounds. I suppose one of the three issued DYRL LDs could have the stereo audio extracted and heard for audio quality.  The remastered DYRL mono audio sounds just fine for theatrical DYRL DVD in the remastered DYRL DVD set that I have.

I'll be watching this post.


Just now, I watched parts of the BD DYRL movie and could not hear the difference where the audio might have been altered. I'll have to re-read that Macross World forum thread and take a listen again.


1 Hr 37 minutes audio change.

BD 5.1 audio is missing some background dramatic music just before the DYRL song starts.