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International Audio (including Voice-Over Translations)
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2-Aug-2012, 1:21 PM
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I always wanted those old Neff dubs, since they'd be quite an interesting curiosity. I'm too young to have seen the films this way but from what I understand, these translations were made during the communism (in the 80s) and certainly weren't official; mr. Neff was just doing these translations secretly from home and he didn't have the tech to make subtitles, so he just recorded the translation like you see it in the video and then bootleg VHS and Betamax were spread among people; for quite a while during communism, it was the only way for non-english-speaking Czechoslovaks to watch most American films. Star Wars didn't come out on VHS here until 1992 (a year after it came to cinemas here), so I expect that what you see in that video is someone having one of those something like 5th generation copy bootlegs from the 80s and   to get better picture quality than the copy they had, they re-recorded the film from German Sat1 (many people receive German TV stations here in West Bohemia) and added the narration (you can hear it's quite out of sync). Not that many people would have seen those dubs before the 90s either, because I only know one or two families who had a VCR before the 90s :-)

As to the other Czech video, that is the very same 1992 VHS Czech dub that is on my Despecialized Edition, just like this video I uploaded ages ago.