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Making our own 35mm preservation--my crazy proposal
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19-Jul-2012, 4:39 PM

negative1 said:

ww12345 said:

It shouldn't case color shift unless it was on an Eastman stock or something fade-prone, in which case the colors being removed would be part of the base dissolving or decomposing.

Filmguard is cleaning out that scratch line - it has minor cleaning properties. Basically, when you see a black scratch, that is dirt in the hole. Each of the other colors are emulsion layers being exposed, until you get to the white/clear base color of the film!


correct, this is what cinch has to say about it:

"no, it doesn't alter color space at all. the change on the dolby trailer was just due to different color temperatures set on the capturing cam, that's all. filmguard doesn't even cause changes in opacity, so it is optically clear."



Good to hear, I suspected different settings had caused the colourshift after I also watched the oceans 11 sample which didn't show any noticeable shift at all, although here the cleaning effect wasn't as pronounced either compared to the DD sample.

Do you plan to recapture whole SW and possibly ESB with FG treatment then? if these promising test results seems consistent of course.