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Backstroke of the West Dubbed Version (Released)
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18-Jun-2012, 1:46 AM

CP3S said:

I used to have a decent collection of popular films, and I think just about everyone of the had Engrish titles. I had Episode II and III (my copy of episode three had Russian subs though, I remember because it was the only one of these movies I had on DVD), Terminator 3, the second Matrix film, Fellowship of the Ring, and The Two Towers, X-Men 3, and the first two Spider-Man movies to name a few.

Unfortunately they were all on VHS and I never bothered bringing any of them back to the states with me. Fellowship of the Rings is the only one I have any nostalgia for the screwed up subtitles on, and would love to have a copy of those subs. Sure, I guess they can be kind of funny, but that only goes so far. Especially when every movie you watch has these, the novelty wears off.


To get back on topic, I very much agree with Katharsys, this dub is great fun and a copy of the audio file in the best quality possible would be great. Whoever made it, and I think we know at least one person involved, you guys did a great job. If you release an audio track of the whole film, we have plenty of people talented enough to do all the syncing. I'd love to have a DVD copy of this thing, and plenty of us have the skills to make that possible.


I would think there would be a lot more movies out there like this if it were so common. I'd really like to see another Backstroke movie- any movie- do you have any of the ones you mention? Anyway if the backing tracks are not Lucas then how did they do it? I mean- if you just cut the movie where they are talking then you get dead space with someone talking, right? I would imagine, though I'm no expert.