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17-Jun-2012, 2:49 PM

asterisk8 said:

eros said:

pointless opening scene.

Huh? How could it be a pointless scene to show how the engineers sacrifice themselves to create life on other planets, using the black ooze that is shown later in the film? Do you know the myth that inspired the film's title? I mean, I thought the film was pretty bad, but I don't get people who make lazy criticisms like this without backing their opinion up. Explain WHY it was a pointless scene.

Anyone who want a GOOD critique of the film that explains what's wrong with it from someone who knows what he's talking about, check out Gavin Rothery's blog (VFX supervisor of MOON): http://www.gavinrothery.com/my-blog/2012/6/11/so-what-was-wrong-with-prometheus.html


Really? is that what it was supposed to be? all I saw was an alien being drink some black stuff and fall into a waterfall somewhere means absolutely nothing to me, doesn't get explained what it was supposed to mean later in the film either. The story is about a bunch of archeologists that where WRONG about their theories. For all we know that opening scene could have been about the destruction of a world. Don't really care, I say the film didn't need the scene..on second thoughts that applies to about 50% of the movie. Quite possibly Ridley Scotts worst..


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