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6-Jun-2012, 10:59 PM

I saw this yesterday. I'm glad I'd heard the word before hand that it wasn't great so my expectations were much lower.

I'm still some what disappointed. There were some good things to enjoy and it's already been said that the visuals and the acting, for the most part, were pretty great. But yeah the script was trash.

I was on board with the overall idea Scott was presenting and themes with in but the characterisation and some of the dialogue left a lot to be desired.

If you're Anchorhead or share his concerns do not see this movie. I'm just putting that out there. Like I said I like the premise of the movie and Alien is no way affected by the failures of this film but I could see others having a problem with it.

I'm not the biggest Alien fan but I feel I could right 10,000 words on just my initial thoughts of Prometheus, it certainly has my mind churning, but I won't. There was a lot of potential here and a lot that went wrong.

I think there might be a few things that I need to get off my chest so I'm going to say spoilers from now on.








People are saying the beginning of the movie was pretty great and devolved from there, really? The very beginning was good but once there out of stasis that briefing/exposition scene was awful. In addition to the introduction to the surgical machine and lifeboat, it had Chehkov's gun written all over it, so much so that I spent the whole time waiting for those proverbial guns to go off. It was very poorly set up but ultimately I did love the emergency c-section.

Not to mention the fucking trailers. Jesus Christ. I rewatched the teaser and the UK and US theatrical trailers afterward and man, the former were ok but the later (the US theatrical) was horrendous. I'd previously not seen any more footage than that.

There was no question in my mind what Idris Elba (the Captain) was going to do and succeed in the third act because I'd seen it already. Not to mention the Engineer going for Shaw afterward.

I'm short on time so I might revisit this in regards to questionable character motivations, editing, leaps in logic and the like but I'll quickly say I squealed with delight when David had his neck broken and head ripped off.

I'm not sure I want to give Prometheus a second viewing, I think I got all there was to get, but I'm pretty sure I'm buying the blu-ray if it comes with (I'm sure it will) a commentary track from Scott. His commentaries are pretty great and I'd love to hear his thoughts and reasoning on the minutia of this film. It's deeply flawed but I'm fascinated with what he has to say about it and the decisions he made.

One last thing, what did people think of the final scene? I felt insulted by its inclusion and thought it should be on the editing room floor.

Oh and the reason Guy Pearce is in the film and not an older actor is because apparently there was a scene in the script where David is viewing Weyland dreaming and Weyland is a much younger man. The sequence was never filmed but Pearce remained. It wasn't until after they cut that scene did they think up the viral TED video. So all was not lost casting Pearce.

I had the same thoughts before I knew this, my not cast someone like Max Von Sydow, Christopher Plummer or Peter O'Toole... oh wait not him he's already in the movie, that would be weird.

I don't think I want to see a sequel to this film no matter who writes or directs it.