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Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes
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12-May-2012, 4:18 PM

Hey guys, newbie here with an interest in the preservation of the SW OT. Great work throughout this thread--I'm amazed at the number of small tweaks made even before the SEs of 1997!

I have one question about a particular change in ANH, though.

It seems to me (viewing the 2004 version of ANH on an HDTV) that Leia's hologram recording was changed twice, once in 1997 (when the blue tint was added) and again in 2004. Specifically, it seems the hologram's vertical scanlines got a LOT fatter in the 2004 version, whereas the 1997 Leia hologram (judging by pictures you guys have posted) had very thin, very hard-to-see vertical scanlines.

Am I just hallucinating? I'd love to have somebody verify this for me--I don't yet have all the digital copies of the various releases. Thank you!