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Preserving "French" Original Trilogy - ANH V1.0 released - ESB in progress
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26-Apr-2012, 3:47 AM

Mavimao said:

“qui pourrAnt sauver son peuple” ? Pourront m’enfin! Tu vas le réécrire 100 fois correctement!

“qui pourrAnt sauver son peuple” is what is writed in the original french crawl. It’s a big mistake, but it’s here.

I’m not sure if I want to correct the text. The original theater trilogy had the mistake.

Hehe, I kid, but apart from the grammar mistake, the font used for the lucas film title card isn’t quite correct and is too static and feels like video and not film. The same for “La guerre des étoiles” that pulls back in the stars. The pulling back just feels too smooth and video-ish. Perhaps someone who is more knowledgeful of these things can chime in and give advice.

I will write to the Germans who do the same for her version to know how they do the job.

Actually I only have Final Cut Pro. I see lot of people have done the crawl with After Effects, but I don’t have it.

The crawl is made with SWTSG : http://alienryderflex.com/crawl/ Si it doesn’t look exactly like the original french crawl.

I first made a picture of the Text with Photoshop :

And I try to make the crawl in Final Cut using the 3D Object Tool, but I didn’t succed to make something nice. So I use the SWTSG tool.