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Preserving "French" Original Trilogy - ANH V1.0 released - ESB in progress
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25-Apr-2012, 2:11 PM

This is a full french version of Harmy’s STAR WARS - DESPECIALIZED EDITION REMASTERED. It is based on the v2.1 version.

File format : AVCHD folder, 720p/23.976fps

It include :

  • A full french intro with a redone crawl based on the 1977 french crawl

  • Full french ending credits redone based on the 1977 french ending credits

  • French subtitles on Greedo sequence based on a french 16mm reel.

It also include :

  • the original french stereo track from the GOUT

  • a 5.1 audio track based on the 2.0 GOUT track decoded in Dolby Surround + the LFE track from hairy_hen 70mm mix.

  • a 5.1 audio track based on the 2004 DVD release

  • a 2.0 audio track from the first Gold LD release

  • a 2.0 audio track from the THX LD release

  • a 2.0 audio track from the rip of the first french TV release

I want to thanks a lot for their work or help : Harmy, Laserschwert, ilovewaterslides and ,^…^,

The only sequence that is not full quality is Greedo sequence, because I take the sequence from Harmy’s release which was already compress, I modify it to add french subtitles and I recompress it using x264.

All the others sequences are not recompressed and or the same quality as Harmy’s DE Remastered release.

Later will come a Blu-ray version with menus, bonus and a full quality Greedo sequence. But don’t wait for it, it will certainly take a certain time.

So here it is, “La Guerre des Etoiles”.

Original first post :


I’m french and for me “Star Wars” was always called “La Guerre des Etoiles”.

My project is use to Harmy’s despecialized edition in order to make HD version of the original french trilogy.

I want to make what is actually done here : <span style=“line-height: normal;”>Preserving “German” Original Trilogy</span> for the German version.

For ANH : A redone HD intro that looks like 1977’s intro that can be seen here :


Synchronize the sound of the GOUT with Harmy’s edition. The french audio is a PAL version, so the audio is playing a bit faster.

I started to redone all the screens in HD. Here is what I have actually done :

Lucasfilm screen :

A long time ago :

La Guerre des étoiles :

And here is the V1 of french intro in HD. For the 20th Century Fox screens, I use Harmy’s video.