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Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)
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30-Mar-2012, 5:30 PM

Johannus said:

I like your suggestions about showing the rebel ships being destroyed, and the way the battle turns.  Could we maybe make it seem like the imperials success is hinged on a few large ships like the Executor, and obviously the Death Star, so if those can be taken out it is believable the rebels can win?

I think this could possibly also solve the issue of how the inferior rebel fleet beats the much larger one. So for example; lets you have three command "ships", Death Star, Eclipse and Executor, when all three are destroyed who's in charge? With all three taken down, the imperial organisation falls apart.

This is also why earlier I had suggested seeing imperial ships firing on each other. (Others didn't like the idea, which I'm fine with) as different commanders try to assume control of the Empire, with so many of it's overall leaders dead.

If that makes sense?