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Confession Of A French Troll (Definitive OP + ban suggestion).
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22-Mar-2012, 1:03 PM
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22-Mar-2012, 1:31 PM
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bkev said:



If a lion tamer makes a mistake and gets bitten, a huge part of the crowd will rush and see the massacre screaming in horror, thus pushing the beast to unleash his bestial nature to the last. Fortunately I'm not a lion and wouldn't reply as some may have expected. Think about it... 

This is the paradox of human nature: you can bring it down, or you can bring it up.


... Having unfortunately taken the former path myself these last days with Warbler, I felt deeply wrong and reckoned I needed to take a look at myself face to face. I've done it for myself first - because what I'd do here could repeat in real life - , and it wasn't meant for sharing my feelings here in the first place. But if it can make Warbler as well as a few other feel better and get rid of that I finally took my time to redact a definitive message that will be the last (OP).


Goodbye gentlemen.