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The "Let's Hug It Out" Thread (we all like SW, can't we be friends?)
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19-Mar-2012, 1:01 AM

(Gosh ! I can't read that and leave it distorted like this...)

What I meant was nothing to be narrowed to our little persons.

What I meant was that there are a LOT of people either unlucky or poor all over the world, a lot of people who are suffering and who don't have the luxury to complain on an Internet forum... They don't have the luxury to complain at all. They don't have luxury of thinking normally, to think about their lives, to wonder what / how they would manage to get better with their lives for it effectively happens on the contrary of us, spending life and time in vain.

I was then speaking of true SENSE of RESPONSABILITY wich his the begining to a better life, and the CORE to our CONSCIOUSNESS, the goal of your Evolution. That's the only thing life worth to be dedicated on a long term.
I have posted enough in this forum for you to know that IT is my initial message to the new born bird since day one, when you're inclined not to interpret but rather to understand my words.

As for the post I directed to, I haven't misinterpreted. I haven't interpreted anything actually. I just thought of that boy reading his screen and thinking God knows what he can read. That's what upseted me.
If it can make you feel better, most of the posts were upseting in this thread from that point of view, from the first hijacking attempts to Bingo's mythological dictionnary. Yours was just very clumsy. If this boy makes such a thread here asking for something, best is to play his game the more simple way, or get out.




... But there's apparently a whole world between us CP3S, and even with the most well spoken English from me it would still remain that way.

Now read again my very first sentence in this thread please, and you get exactly what you're doing now using what I said at your advantage... consciently or not !  I'm not judging you for that, but I'm thinking it's the kind of attitude that could get you a crown and a golden stick to fit your halo ! ;-P

One more thing CP3S, and I won't speak for me anymore here but really, when I read your rant at Bingo, what do you think it looks like from our screens ?... Maybe if you stop trying interpreting things as Warbler use to do as well you'll live better with it...! How many times did I see you pop and aggress him (yes you can do it too) cause you or Warb thought you were concerned by the humour ?!! (maybe making this mayonnaise up via pm )...

^ And I hate remembering things like this really... Sticking to the past and keeping feelings toward unknow folks on the Internet ! Wow !... Who is idiot enough to live this through his "TV" ?! Definitely not my culture. Is it yours ?

So let's move on, and also stop hacking my posts with your quotes burrying the essential behind please CP3. ;) This time I won't read it anyway, or maybe next year - not that I don't care but I think the first half of that post is the essential and it doesn't need further comments - And I don't care to be wrong or right, I just wanted to be clear at last... Let's hope it).