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The "Let's Hug It Out" Thread (we all like SW, can't we be friends?)
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18-Mar-2012, 1:31 AM
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18-Mar-2012, 1:51 AM
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One last word,

Any fault involves that you have some reponsability in a situation. For the few I did I think I apologised enough (if you can read or listen). But that's not because you are able to point at someone else's fault that you don't make ones too... And that's not neither because nobody mention any to you that you don't make any.

I haven't been here to "give lessons" er professor. Too bad if sharing some personal views with my two cents philosophycal touch whatever I make it through jokes or rants (and whatever the subject !) has been taken as such by someone who can't stand a false illusion of "awesomeness" I've been sticked with despite my will. But that's the effect it did on a couple of dudes unfortunately and one of them hasn't been greedy giving a lot of lessons back.

Sensitivity you say ?... Who knows me here ?... I gave a few strings through a virtual "character" on a virtual forum and you think that sums up the whole being behind the keyboard ?... Seriously ?

Would it be sob stuff to point at the thing that upseted me the MOST lately, something I didn't take care to mention ?...


This boy won't have any chance to face his reponsabilities in life, on the contrary of some who keep complaining years after years publicly. He has had an accident being younger, and isn't armed like someone like you, Warbler or I. That I hardly find "amusing", whatever you meant precisely.

Then, you can't decide what is the good attitude for the others, leaving in the same time your own attitude aside (wich no one cared to detail). We all make faults here and there. But fortunately the way you ask people to change their attitude can do something, if needed. You obviously can't command them with a loud-mouth as I have been used to meet again and so on through the same people on this board, including the "less aggressive guy of the forum" when I didn't even address him...


Anyway... You can't forgive if you can't forget.

So, just drop your anger and vulgarity once for all or accept some may make a fun of it. 


That's how a chair wearing a pair of glass won my respect in the past. We've both learnt something I'd guess.




PS: I'd like add a word in favor of Bingowing who contacted me my PM when I posted Warb's picture as he thought that was a bad idea. He's not the reason I took it back. Though he doesn't post in that thread anymore, you don't have an idea of how this guy would prefer that people calm down to go along with each others rather than barking out loud, whoever they are. So far, I know he watches and he cares.

May the greatest lesson provider from that thread take a note of it.