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Return of the Jedi: Dan Edit - Clips Online (Released)
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16-Mar-2012, 7:52 AM

Hey Dan,

Just finished downloading and watching your edit. Thanks for all your hard workI really enjoyed it, I thought it was a very bold edit with lots of interesting ideas. I do prefer it to the theatrical version. Will give you my few thoughts, I do agree with Bester on a few points;

Firstly the lack of a ship in the opening credits, I think is a real miss. I can think of two solutions; a re-arrange the opening crawl, so that the beginning starts as normal (swapping the death star sentence, and the Luke on Dagobah sentence) or perhaps as foreshadowing and not sure where you could get it from, but have a derelict partially destroyed Star Destroyer be the ship in the foreground just floating around Dagobah.

I liked Luke being on Dagobah, think it makes a lot more sense. I know you don't like the whole Luke and Leia sister thing, but I wonder if too much is lost from cutting it? I certainly missed the Obi-Wan conversation on Dagobah about Leia and Vader.

Jabba's palace I think flows much better; rancor scene is much tighter, though I wonder if it could be cut even tighter, and just have Luke run through the rancors legs and kill it quickly? Would give even more impression of how powerful he has become.

Really liked what you had done on the sail barge, hated Boba's death in the original; he either shouldn't of been there, or killed by Luke. The slapstic in RotJ is stupid, and sadly Lucas does it a lot in the prequels.

With regards the sandstorm scene, a suggestion I had made in another thread was either Vader or the Emperor could be watching it on a view screen (presumably from a probe droid) explaining the poor quality (or perhaps adding vision. Dream like ripples do it. Would add an extra dimension, either Vader is tracking Luke and holding it back from the Emperor. Or the Emperor is really aware of much of what is going on in the galaxy.

Not sure about cutting some of the briefing room stuff such as Leia saying "a general", "count me in" etc; but maybe I just need to get used to it.

I liked Vader partially and the stopping strangling Jerjerrod, but I'd move it till after the Emperor orders Vader to his command ship and then Vader comes back. I think it would make more sense then and gives more impression that Jerjerrod is just following orders, and could also explain the Emperors irritation with Vader coming back.

"I love the new shot of the Tydirium entering Endor.  It really adds to the feeling of the rebels sneaking into the lion’s den (so to speak)."

- Couldn't agree more, think its a wonderful set of shots, great work!

One observation, was the source types weren't the same, so I did notice Vader going very fat at some points, due to the difference perhaps between NSTC and PAL or full-screen and wide-screen?

Ewoks are well trimmed, think it's a lot better now; could the scene of wicket and Leia gone on a little longer? Perhaps as long as they seem a threat?

I really liked what you have done with the battle on Endor; one thought I had with added video footage of Stormtroopers vs Rebels, was you could of put a display monitor around it, to give even more of the impression that was the feed on the monitor, to explain the difference in footage.

Finally, I'd suggest using Harmy's RotJ for the Vader vs Luke lightsaber fight, his lightsabers look much better than Vaders pink one in the DVD's.

Overall I liked the edit, good work.

Hope that helps!