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The "Let's Hug It Out" Thread (we all like SW, can't we be friends?)
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12-Mar-2012, 4:08 PM
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12-Mar-2012, 4:13 PM
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While I'm all with you Bingo, reading you and reminding the mentioned thread (I don't even need to read it again), I think the discussion has reached the same usual point and the rest will be a loss of time.

Best case: Warb unignore you... until next time when he'll decide to take some ununderstood humor as an offense, or something of that kind.

When he'll understand he's no right to JUDGE any of his fellows mostly when he's based on his own temper and sensibility, there will be hope and all his relationship will evolute.

Enough said... We make too much interferences trying to clarify (while some think they offer better help with commiseration) and he's too exercised using all of it for reinforcing his own prison. He has unfortunately always refused a hand when it didn't comfort him in his usual same reality.