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Help: looking for... William Dozier's Batman/Green Hornet
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7-Mar-2012, 7:51 AM
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20-Jul-2020, 9:42 AM
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There was a thread for this already, but it’s in the “fan edits” section for some reason, so I thought I’d paste it over here. Sort of a half request, half just trying to get some discussion going on this topic. I think it’s very strange that out of all of the preservation projects going on, and all of the sharing that we do, the majority of people are perfectly okay with shelling out big bucks for Batman bootlegs (especially when they make themselves even more illegal by including bootlegs of The Movie, Bat-Mania, and Return to the Batcave!).

Anyway, here’s the paste, with some additions at the end:

Wondering if anyone can help me find the Canadian TV Land caps, or I’d even settle for the Masters.

I found torrents, but the first 50 episodes of season 2 are from US TV Land (only worse; even more cuts for some reason, and way lower quality than the torrent at MySpleen). I found another set of torrents, but they were all in Italian.

…and for the time being, it looks like two of these are stuck, so I’m also missing episodes 320, 321, 322, 323, and 326 =/ (update: slowly working them up a few percentages, but still no 100% in sight. 88.8% on one and rising, 95.5% I think on the other. UPDATE #2: All torrents 100%! Seeding like crazy!)

I found another torrent, with “FOX” watermarks in the upper-right corner. I can’t remember if these were the Italian ones or not. I think they were, either that or they were edited. I just remember checking them real quick and ditching them.

Found a really great torrent with The Green Hornet in it (~180 MB AVIs), looks like they’re captured from Laserdisc. There’s a moderate amount of interlacing going on, and the typical rainbowing, but other than that, the quality’s pretty darn good. Too bad Batman never made it to LD (though I wonder if they even would’ve managed every single episode).

In the interest of turning this into a serious thread, I suppose I could post some screen grabs or something, if there’s any interest.