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Ideas: Re-edits for various movies
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29-Jul-2004, 4:46 AM
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30-Jun-2020, 7:34 AM
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OK, I tried to do this the right way on the off-topics forum, but no one really commented on it and I think its a good topic and would love to get feedback And since the transition is the star wars re-edits its not unfounded to be on this forum.

Clone War, Balance of the Force, Phantom Edits…

After watching magnolia’s re-edits and seeing how dramatically they improved the movie. What other movies (obviously Ep. I is the no-brainer) would you like to see re-editted to make a decent or good movie awesome?

My list…

1.) The Matrix series - I have heard they are releasing a new box set with 50 minutes extra footage for reloaded and since revolutions was shot at the same time with it, these movies could be fixed up to improve what works and what doesn’t. Basically there is so much there that is awesome to work with, it could turn out incredible if fixed up.

2. ) Brotherhood of the Wolf - the editing of this is terrible, but again there is so many scenes that your jaw will drop and others that you will fall asleep, the pacing is problematic and some of the aristocratic fluff is just wrong too.

3.) AI - This again had so much that was amazing and Kubrick’s vision was a dark one (Shining, Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut), but Spielberg made it more like E.T. with feel good-ness mixed in after Kubrick’s death (he would’ve been pissed)…the result is a mixed result movie that sometimes is dark and poignant and sometimes plodding and goofy.

4.) Dune - The theatrical release was a mess and I have heard there are edits out there, but damn there is some compelling story there if it was fixed.
I’ll think of more. And I am not talking about total reshoots, just working with the exisiting film and deleted scenes. BTW there is a fight scene taken out of brotherhood of the wolf that is sick and I have no idea why.

Again, I’d love to hear thoughts on my list and other movies you think could use some editing magic.