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Project Threepio (Star Wars OOT subtitles)
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18-Feb-2012, 4:04 PM
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18-Feb-2012, 4:48 PM
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Great project CatBus! What an enormous job! 

I skimmed through the SRT file of Star Wars and noticed that a couple of minor issues from the official DVD subs carried over:

00:09:25, 163 --> 00:09:27, 663

What a desolate place this is!

Not an actual error but the exclamation mark here seems out of place to me.


01:09:19, 654 --> 01:09:22, 614

- What?

- Well, more well than you can imagine.

Should be, wealth. I don't know, maybe this is part of your effort to maintain dialogue fidelity?


01:45:49, 051 --> 01:45:51, 576

Fall in! Fall in!

should be, Pull in! Luke, pull in! (more audible in the Mono mix)


01:46:53, 883 --> 01:46:56, 883

Switch all power to front deflector screen.

screens (more audible in the Mono mix)


01:52:10, 065 --> 01:52:12, 865

Hurry up, Luke!

Quick! Quick!

I think this should be Wait! Quick! (more audible in the Mono mix)


For those of you who would like to have regular English subs to accompany the Mono mix, but aren't sure what all the differences are, just change/add these lines. May need some adjustments done to the timings though.


00:50:55, 687 --> 00:50:57, 987

Alright, check this side of the street.

Change to:

Alright, check that side of the street.


00:51:01, 761 --> 00:51:04, 224

The door's locked. Move on to the next one.

Change to:

It's secure. Move on to the next one.



01:06:58, 699 --> 01:07:01, 169 (not sure about the timing)

The tractor beam is coupled to

the main reactor in seven locations.



01:07:01, 900 --> 01:07:04, 736 (not sure about the timing)

A power loss at one of the terminals

will allow the ship to leave.


01:14:20, 388 --> 01:14:21, 946  (timing may need some adjustment)


Change to:


-Governor Tarkin? 



01:27:11, 033 --> 01:27:12, 667 (not sure about the timing)

Close the blast doors!


01:46:08, 804 --> 01:46:11, 604

There's a heavy fire zone...

Red Five, where are you?

Change to:

There's a heavy fire zone on this side.

Red Five, where are you?

(It's the same guy saying both lines, so no need for hyphens.)


01:46:21, 417 --> 01:46:23, 544

Blast it, Biggs! Where are you?

Change to:

Blast it, Wedge! Where are you?


I think that is all that needs to be changed.