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OT bootleg DVD reviews
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28-Jul-2004, 9:39 AM

Originally posted by: Original Star Wars
Hi, I am new to this forum and have just signed the petition.

I am in need of obtaining a bootleg set but I am un-sure as to which set to go with, I've read on this forum that the TK47 set seems to be the best to go for at the moment in quality and sound wise, but as I've also read he only ships in the US and I live in the UK so thats a set back for me.

Is there anyone here willing to do copies of their TK47 sets for me? or does anyone know where I can obtain them from?

Any help/information would be most appreciated, thanks.

I can do you a copy of the original trilogy, widescreen letterbox, 5.1 dolby surround and most of the definitive edition extras on a 4th disc if you want it. And it includes the Leia welding scene in ESB.