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Project Threepio (Star Wars OOT subtitles)
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10-Feb-2012, 9:57 PM
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CURRENT STATUS: Updated 6/26/2019 – Project files updated to version 11.0

Supported Languages: English, English SDH, Mandarin (Simplified & Traditional), Cantonese, Spanish (American & Castilian), Arabic, French, Indonesian, Malay, Russian, Bengali, Portuguese (Brazilian & European), German, Japanese, Persian/Farsi, Turkish, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, Thai, Polish, Ukrainian, Burmese, Romanian, Dutch, Serbian (Latin & Cyrillic), Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Czech, Swedish, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Latvian, Estonian, and Icelandic.

If you want to get the subtitles, check for downloads on MySpleen or alt.binaries.starwars, find the secret decoder ring with my name on it, or PM me for a temporary download link. This will be the complete set of project files, so it is a big download. If you need help, send me a PM or post your questions in this thread and hopefully someone will be able to help you.


The goal of Project Threepio is to provide high-quality subtitle options for preservations of the Star Wars “Original Original Trilogy” – Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi in their unaltered forms – and to provide a framework with which anyone can add or change subtitles as needed for any other purpose. I hope that this will broaden the appeal of our preservation efforts beyond the English-speaking world.

Project Threepio’s subtitles work best with audio and video that have the following characteristics:

  • Video synced to the 2006 “Bonus Disc” (GOUT) release of the trilogy, or within a few frames of that
  • For all films, English opening crawl text, English audio, and burnt-in English subtitles for alien dialogue
  • For Star Wars, the 1977 English crawl, with the 1977 English stereo or six-channel audio mix
  • For The Empire Strikes Back, any English audio mix except the 16mm mono mix
  • Video format: 2160p(4K)@23.976fps, 1080p@23.976fps, 720p@23.976fps, or NTSC DVD
  • Aspect ratio: approximately 2.37:1, letterboxed in a 1.78:1 frame (i.e. Blu-ray/DVD compatible widescreen)

Examples: Harmy’s Despecialized Editions, 4K77-4K83 35mm Preservations, Team Blu/dark_jedi’s Trilogy Blu-ray & DVD Preservations

Utilities and detailed instructions are included for modifying the subtitles to work better with audio and video sources that have different characteristics, such as international versions, Laserdisc preservations, unsynced scans of projection prints, etc.


All images below are based on Harmy’s Despecialized Editions using Project Threepio’s BD-SUP subtitles. DVD subtitles do not (and cannot) look as good, and the appearance of subtitles when using SRT files can vary a great deal.

Subtitles are moved to the top of the frame for titles and crawls, to prevent overlapping onscreen text as much as possible.

Project Threepio: Crawl with German subtitles

Subtitles for multiple speakers are formatted to align along one side.

Project Threepio: Spanish double-dialogue
Project Threepio: Arabic double-dialogue

Translations for burnt-in alien subtitles are also moved to the top of the frame. In rapid back-and-forth dialogue, the entire exchange is shifted to the top to prevent the viewer from having to repeatedly switch from reading the top to the bottom of the screen. If your video doesn’t have burnt-in alien subtitles, Project Threepio contains utilities that allow you to shift these subtitles back down to the bottom of the frame.

Project Threepio: Thai alien subtitles

SDH subtitles use a dark background for increased readability.

Project Threepio: SDH subtitles

Included utilities can resize subtitles, while retaining all formatting and layout (i.e. for large projection screens).

Project Threepio: Yoda with Czech subtitles

You can even use subtitles in two different languages simultaneously.

Project Threepio: Ackbar with Bengali and English subtitles

Specially-designed “matching” subtitles mimic the appearance of theatrical subtitles (first screenshot has theatrical alien subtitles, second has Project Threepio’s matching subtitles).

Project Threepio: Theatrical alien subtitle reference
Project Threepio: Matching subtitles


English-only preservations don’t do much to help many of the people out there who want to be able to see Star Wars, but are instead afflicted with the Special Editions. I would love for every new Star Wars preservation to include these subtitles by default.

At just shy of four dozen languages, Project Threepio still lags quite a bit behind its namesake. I am always accepting contributions of good-quality GOUT-timed subtitles for new languages, and improvements to existing subtitles.


I’d like to thank the following Star Wars fans for their contributions to Project Threepio:

Feallan, Sadako, schorman13, pittrek, Laserman, a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous, none, Teesel, You_Too, RashadShehadeh, bttfbrasilfan, LexX, Rina, roback214, Leoj, Hostmaster, Rondan, kylefan, spaceghost, lexsanor, msycamore, IronMagus, Harmy, Laserschwert, csd79, ZIPC, B2D2, thxita, Leonardo, Anuj, stormpack, aserdaryakut, sf999, carlosmon, lucaslslopes, coolman756, Kloky, jl8, wayphat, carlosmon, DevilWing, Faithwyn, ChainsawAsh, negative1, Doctor M, dahmage, marvins, bilditup1, Chewtobacca, Darth Mallwalker, towne32, Diego, TheHutt, Mavimao, TV’s Frink, Possessed, and Collipso.


Also included in the Project Threepio resources folder are some high-resolution logos for various preservation projects, suitable for T-shirts or whatever you like. Preview images shown with a solid black background are provided with a transparent background for more printing flexibility.

Official Project Threepio Images (album art mashups: The Clash and Operation Ivy)

Project Threepio: Project Threepio logos

May the Force Be With You in multiple languages (white, black, or yellow text)

Unofficial Images For Other Preservation Projects (album art mashups: The Police, Negativland, and Pink Floyd)

Project Threepio: Other preservation logos