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Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)
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3-Feb-2012, 10:54 PM

Sluggo said:

jonathan7 said:

I apologies for having not been around much, and also if this has been mentioned put in action (the thread is now 234 pages long...) But a quick query about Imperial forces that has always bothered me... The Empire has the superior forces so even after the Death Start destruction they should win, would it be possible to show them turning on each other after the Emporer's death? I.e. different commanders trying to assume control and then engaging each other?

Only if you call it Episode VII.

To qualify I was only meaning the fleet around Endor, not the entire Empire... So not sure showing some Star Destroyers firing on each other needs to be an entirely new Episode?