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blu ray stinker!!!
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31-Jan-2012, 6:16 PM

hey guys, i know there's a massive uproar over the bluray release being the special edition versions, and as i haven't had time to read previous posts i thought i'd add my own rant, here a kid of the late 70's and being blown away and hooked for life in cinemas by the magic of the originals, my excitement of the movies re release in the 90's was one of nostalgia, many goosebumps but sadly, a feeling of being let down by cheezy unneccesary added scenes that just didn't fit or add anything to the movies! i have the original theatrical versions on dvd and thought it a cheap and commercial con to release the blurays as special edition versions, surely you could've took more time to offer both in the same box set, seems it was rushed to get them out and the money in!!! and don't get me started on the prequels, how is it that somebody who created that galaxy a long long time ago get these so wrong? i actually liked episode 3 for the last hour, and the final scene with owen holding luke on the mound was in my book, a fantastic ending as i had wondered how the hell do you wrap up the prequels with a fitting scene but that was done well!! i will always love star wars but not neccesarily in full hd unless the theatrical versions are released!!!