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Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)
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16-Dec-2011, 9:16 AM
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16-Dec-2011, 9:18 AM
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Thanks for the great ideas and willingness to participate, guys.  I'm very excited and I've updated the first post!  I can't even remember which tune is called "Across the Stars."  It's early and my daughter and I are the only one's awake, but I will listen to it later and give my opinion on the matter.

Remember that debating ideas is the best way to sharpen our ideas, so the ultimate product may or may not include something you hold dear.  That may be hard, but please no one take offense over divergent opinions, and remember you can always edit it your way later using our group project as a base.  I always want to hear everyone's ideas, even if they've been turned down by the majority before.  I'm sure everyone else wants to hear any contribution you have.

I think we may be at a point where we can hammer our a solid story, and from there we can begin storyboarding significant changes that would ultimately require the assistance of our two special effects wizards :)  Again, thanks all those who have begun showing interest.  I'm really stoked about this project!