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Aalenfae's PREQUEL TRILOGY (Heavily delayed - computer exploded)
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14-Dec-2011, 2:49 PM

Thought it was great Aalenfae, the explosions, I though were much better, agree with others that the audio could do with a little work, but visually very good!

I agree with Erik Storm Trooper, I hate the lift sequence if you could cut it that would be awesome, you could have the call to R2 to get the lift, the ship falling, then the 3 of them falling down by the open elevator door, and the elevator shooting away, giving the impression they just got out, and fell over due to what was happening with the ship.

My other question, is  could you add the Grevious and Shaak Ti deleted scene, before they head of to rescue the Chancellor?? You could cut it right after they cut through the floor and fall through.