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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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12-Dec-2011, 4:25 PM

Hey, thanks for the reply, glad you think the idea is interesting! =) Must not of articulated myself well in the previous post, I was not suggesting a split personality, but Vader (in the full usual Vader suit) and Anakin both appearing at different times. Not split personality as previously suggested, but Anakin in the Suit doing operations for Palpatine, which we wouldn't realise until the reveal in ESB.

My thinking was of the Vader charachter always being suited, i.e. Anakin wears the suit so no-one knows who he really is. Anakin learns that Palapatine is Sidious, confronts him gets zapped by force lighting and the audience then think he's dead. Mace goes to confront Sidious (he'd have to learn he was a Sith Lord elsewhere)... Mace is about to kill the Emperor when Vader in suits turns up and cuts his hand off... Then the Emperor sends Vader (again in suit) to storm the Jedi Temple.

The advantage of this I think, is it keeps the surprise of Anakin being Vader, especially if you just see Vader in a few shots working with Republic soldiers, while Anakin is still a Jedi. As with the Bruce Wayne/Batman thing you never see them together.

With regards the Anakin vs Obi-Wan fight my hope (not sure it's possible) would be to have it Vader vs Obi-Wan... i.e Vader already in suit fighting Obi-Wan, ends the same with Vader getting arms and legs cut off. So his breathing difficulties come from the fight with Sidious... His missing limbs from the fight with Obi-Wan.