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That Star Wars Feeling - that brought me here...
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17-Jul-2004, 5:59 PM
Excellent post, Obi-Wonton! You summed up my thoughts (as well as a lot of others I'm sure). I, honestly, have been in sort of funk when it comes to Star Wars recently (again, like a lot of others). I mean I love the OT, and always have. I also respect everyone else's opinion of the current state of all things SW (except the sheep that have no clue, just blindly worship Lucas) and don't think my attitude is one that everyone should share. But I have a hard time appreciating crappy irrelevant SE's, prequels that, in my estimation, couldn't possibly be any worse given the money, resources, acting talent, and source material, and then, like diarrhea on a turd cake, we get Lucas' "new" rendition of what he always "intended" on DVD.

It's disgusting, and really ruins the feeling you speak of. But then I think, I'm not going to let anyone take that feeling from me. Not Lucas. Not anyone. I've got my boots, and a renewed love for the almighty OT. And hence, why I'm here. You guys kick ass.


Again, too each their own. If you like the PT, SE, ect, more power to you. In fact, I actually kind of like TPM for some strange reason. But my point was that if their actually are disillusioned fans out there, there is still a silver lining.