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Darth Tater
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Blu-Ray and other HD box size STAR WARS covers
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9-Nov-2011, 9:39 PM
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9-Nov-2011, 9:41 PM
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Darth Tater
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Adium said:

Yeah no problem George.

HA! I thought the exact same thing the other day when I was adjusting pictures and such for the back of my set.

"OK, just a little brighter on this one. Oh, that text is too blurry, better recreate it digitally... Oh, god... This is how it starts... I've become-- him. /shudder" lol

I guess the difference is I thought better of it and stopped myself, you know, before I got to the adding "a cartoon rabbit who steps in poop" stage, to quote RedLetterMedia :D.