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TV Shows on DVD ruined by music replacement or cuts/edits: Restoring them back to original state (a project) (Update: The Andy Griffith Show: Season 3 DONE)
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6-Nov-2011, 12:04 PM
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6-Nov-2011, 1:08 PM
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nocomments87 said:

Here's one to get the ball rolling.


The Andy Griffith Show. Now, for the most part, the DVDs have no issues, but for whatever reason, the episode "The Darlings Are Coming" is only 22:22, which doesn't seem right for a show from the 60's. On top of the official DVD sets, there's also a ton of public domain DVD releases, featuring a handful of episodes, mostly from the third season. One of those episodes is "The Darlings Are Coming". It's interesting to note that the episode on those releases lasts 25:30. So I've decided to rip the episode from one of the public domain DVDs. The DVD had the theme song changed, most likely due to copyright reasons, so I went ahead and changed it back to its original form.

VOB file of the UNCUT "The Darlings Are Coming", 782 MB. No subtitles, and only language option is Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono in English (192 kbps).


Not sure if there's anything else cut from The Andy Griffith Show, but this one was one of the more obvious ones. I'll continue to add what I have ready to go, or any works-in-progress.

Wow. Another Andy Griffith Show fan out there who cares that much.

Along with the Darlings episode you mentioned, I have restored Season Three's "Barney Mends A Broken Heart" episode which was missing its epilogue on the official DVD release. It came from a 1993 VHS tape from UAV Corporation which featured an edited form of the episode, but included the epilogue.

In the Season Four official DVDs Paramount's first release omitted laugh tracks on several episodes, but later issued "fixed" discs which was supposed to correct the problem. Unfortunately, the episode  "The Sermon For Today" along with "A Black Day For Mayberry" still lose their laugh tracks at the 18 minute mark of each program. I was able to restore the laugh track from this point with the soundtracks from a Columbia House VHS tape for "Sermon" and a Premiere Promotions VHS tape for "A Black Day".

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