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Topper Harley
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Preserving the "German" Original Trilogy (Released)
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2-Nov-2011, 7:32 PM

Harmy said:

Yes, setting delay definitely sounds like a better option than trimming.

Right. The Delay for Return is -25 Frames (I just did that) ..The other files need to be checked.

(maybe my way to find out is a bit complicated, but: I extracted one of the english stereo soundfiles of Harmys DE, then loaded it in my editing software (Premiere Pro), opend a 23,976 Project, dropped the file in it.. then I put the german file into a second track and compared the curves. I matched the curves, and through comparing where each file begins, I see how many frames delay are needed. Then I use tsmuxer to merge the soundfile with the project and can enter the precise delay).

By the way, I watched Harmys DE of ANH with the above posted german soundtrack, and it stays in sync fine.