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TV Shows on DVD ruined by music replacement or cuts/edits: Restoring them back to original state (a project) (Update: The Andy Griffith Show: Season 3 DONE)
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23-Oct-2011, 3:15 PM
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9-Feb-2012, 8:36 PM
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Adding another update.

This is something I've been wanting to do for a while. There have been many TV shows released on DVD; a good portion of them have no issues whatsoever, but there are quite the handful of shows that have their issues, such as syndicated episodes or music replacement. Let's gather up a list, our resources, and see what we can put together for this one...


For starters, myself and a good friend of mine, Josh, have been working on one for "Married...With Children". Starting with season 3, "Love and Marriage" was removed, and replaced with generic music. So what I've done was rip the audio from the DVDs, replace the generic music with "Love and Marriage" on the intro and credits, and remux from there. Seasons 4-11 are where things get a little trickier, because of the end credits being altered to remove the song credit all together. Season 4 also has syndicated versions for 7 episodes, and the Christmas episode is split as two parts (and also loses about 2-3 minutes of footage as a result, mostly on part 2). To fill in those gaps, I'm using the German DVD for those 7 episodes, since the episodes are presented uncut (but with the same theme changes), and a VHS of It's A Bundyful Life, which Josh hooked me up with a VHS-to-DVD transfer of, for the uncut version of that episode. I still have a lot to go with this one, but it's definitely worth it in the long run.


That's just one show, though. What other shows have been ruined, in some form, by music replacement or cuts/edits...or both?


Update 1: Married...With Children: Season 3 and Birds of Prey: The Complete Series DONE

Update 2: The Andy Griffith Show: Season 3 DONE


Look for all finished projects on Demonoid (my username is nocomments87) or PM me for downloadable links.