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Feeling very down about the current state of Star Wars
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19-Oct-2011, 8:59 AM

Cuchulainn said:

Jacobss said:

Yes, it is connected with our chilhood (therefore these can be seen more than just movies), but now, in 2011, it's time to let go. I accept that I can't have everything in my life, and that my childhood is long gone. Many of our childhood memories are connected to this movies, but we won't regain it, if SW will become, what it once was.

I will never agree with this. The point seems to be totally lost on you. I adored Star Wars as a child and I love it as an adult, but to just go 'ok it's shit but at least it's something' is ludicrous. The point isn't the fact that he has fucked around with it so much that it's making less sense than ever before, it's the fact that he's dismissed the original, awesome movie (remember, the cool one with the ace sound) to the point where he's actually physically destroying any remains of it. Anyone with a brain within their head can see there's something seriously wrong here (despite the many, and potentially illegal aspects of his actions).

This, and only this, (the EU and Prequels can fuck off, IMO)is why I'm feeling in anyway 'down' about Star Wars.

What you said here does not contradict anything I said.

I am not a member of this site since yesterday. I was a reader already in 2004 and joined here two years ago. I totally understand anything about preservation of SW and knowing some things, I will not cry if OUT is not released by Lucas ;).


I misread you, my apologies...