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Info Wanted: ESB/ROTJ Audio Mix questions...
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14-Oct-2011, 4:36 PM

dark_jedi said:

OK, I don't know if I should post this here, or in my own thread, or start a new one, but I want to put it somewhere I know it will be seen by those that can help me with this, now that I am gaining more and more experience working with audio, and actually hearing the difference between "ripped" Digital PCM and "captured" PCM, the "ripped" Digital PCM sounds damn great! so since I am not done with my final Blu-ray Set yet, I was thinking I would love to get my hands on better quality audio for this release.

So is there anyone here that can help me in getting these files, if they are available that is, "ripped" not "captured" at the Laserdiscs 16bit/44.1kHz? these are what I would like to find, hell, I am not even sure if all these even have Digital PCM, so correct me if I am wrong please.

Star Wars
1985 Stereo Remix:
- 1130-85   (grabbed from newsgroups, thanks Mallwalker)

The Empire Strikes Back
1980 Theatrical Stereo:
- 1425-84
1985 Stereo Remix:
- 1425-85

The Return of The Jedi
1983 Theatrical Stereo:
- 1478-80   (grabbed from newsgroups, thanks Mallwalker)
1985 Stereo Remix:
- 1478-85

*I believe all the 1985 Stereo Remixes were also on the Japanese Special Collection LD's as well.


Dark_jedi, is the current V3 theatrical and '85 remix audio an analoge capture? You want to replace it by digital bit perfect rips, right? 

I guess blu-ray doesn't support 44.1 kHz, or does it? So any bitperfect rip needs to be resampled. Does anyone know what is the best way to resample? Is this "secret rabbit code" good ( Or is it better to resample during the capture?