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HBO Star Wars preservations
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12-Oct-2011, 5:19 PM

Anchorhead said:

The guy replied and sent several high-res scans. There's no doubt someone could come up with a great HBO DVD cover using the pages he scanned.

He is very nice and also very interested in the preservation work.  He also has a 16mm copy of Star Wars that he sometimes shows in private screenings.  If we have any members in France, maybe you can meet him in person and go to one.  I gave him a link to our site, so maybe he'll join and give us a look.  He sounds like a wealth of info and sympathetic to our cause.

Here are the files he sent;

Photobucket downsized them a touch, but they're still very good.  If you need the originals, PM me with an email address that accepts large attachments.


Hi everybody !

I am the "guy" and I thank you to welcome me among the members of your circle.

As much as my schedule allows it, I will try to take part to your discussions which are of great interest for me. As an early fan of the original trilogy (I was born in 1972), I am still hoping Lucas will change his mind about it...

I should be back soon around here !

Thank you for your enthusiasm :-)

Bob (Baudime)

P.S. : I own super-8 copies of the three original Star Wars movies (not 16mm). They are in English, widescreen, and stereo : no special editions, no additional FX or scenes. Just the original as we watched them back in the 70s and 80s.