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Info: 1997 SE DV Broadcast Info & Discussion
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12-Oct-2011, 7:44 AM

russs15 and The Aluminium Falcon, thank you very much! It is wonderful that all existed "releases" of DVB recordings of 97 SE are now avaliable!


msycamore said:

I did my own version way back with a combination of Flunk and Reivax with the latter as a base, similar to what mallwalker once uploaded to the newsgroup

Maybe this is not right thread to ask O:-) but does anyone know if the mallwalker's version has the aspect ratio corrected or not? And is it avaliabe somewhere else than on newsgroups?


If the version itself and its smearing isn't enough I think all these are basically unwatchable without re-authoring with their stretched image and PAL-speedup.

As I live in Europe, the PAL-speedup is OK for me :-), but I agree that the stretched image is really annoying. Fortunately, Media Player Classic has a function that allows you to modify - zoom/stretch the image during playing so you can easily stretch the x axis of picture by pressing "8".

BTW does anybody know why the image off all these DVB recordings is stretched? I can't imagine how this could have happened just by recording from DVB-S reciever to DigiBetaCam tape and then trasnferring to PC. Or was it already broadcasted with this bad aspect ratio?