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Help: looking for... a Return of the Jedi edit with only the ending changed?
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12-Oct-2011, 1:08 AM

darth_ender said:

I can think of two solutions:

Solution 1: Someone with minimal skill (including myself) could probably make this change.  That includes Prog5000, I assume.

Solution 2: Get Dark_Jedi's V3 and one of the many '97 SE versions recently made available.  Watch DJ's up till you see Luke about to set his dad's corpse aflame.  Press the eject button on your DVD player.  Remove V3 and insert '97 SE.  Use the menu selections to find the scene you are looking for.  Press play, and watch from there.  It takes slightly more time, but it's probably faster than going through the trouble of editing a film for a 90 second clip right at the end. 

Your not far off, usually a youtube clip for me.