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The Aluminum Falcon
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Info: 1997 SE DV Broadcast Info & Discussion
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10-Oct-2011, 11:00 PM
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The Aluminum Falcon
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Thank you msycamore for pointing out that mistake.

Hello everyone! Good news, I was able to upload the entire Star Wars TB DVD Set to MultiUpload, all four DVD-5s. I have sent some PMs out already, but, if you want them, feel absolutely free to PM me for the links now. If any of the archives don't unpack properly, please tell me so I can resolve the situation.

Of course, much thanks to russs15 for sending me these DVDs. It's really much appreciated, and I couldn't have uploaded with out them.

After watching all of the 1997 Digital Broadcasts, I really think that this is how it is for each movie from best to worst. 

A New Hope

  1. Flunk- It does have some errors in the digital tape, but it is the only dual-layer one, and overall has the best picture quality. Also, it has English subtitles for alien dialogue and an English Crawl.
  2. Reivax- This has pretty good picture throughout. It does have a French crawl but the picture looks nice on the whole, minus the smearing of course.
  3. TB- The TB look all right. I would say it's a bit softer than the Reivax, but it does have an English crawl so some people may like this better.
  4. G'KAR- Sorry, but to me the G'KAR looks awful. It seems overfiltered and way too compressed. The German 5.1 and the fake (!) English 5.1 take up way too much space on a DVD-5 that is not even full capacity. This is the only digital broadcast not available on MultiUpload.


Empire Strikes Back

  1. TB- The TB of this looks pretty nice. The picture is relatively sharp throughout but it shows no signs of overfiltering. Also, the crawl is in English! The video is much less compressed.
  2. G'KAR- Again, this suffers from heavy compression and unnecessary audio tracks. The crawl is also in German. All in all, the menus are the best part of this release. You can even see some pixelization in a few scenes.


Return of the Jedi

  1. TB- This one was honestly a little harder. The picture is pretty soft throughout and it wasn't really pleasing to the eye. The English crawl is nice though.
  2. G'KAR- This is the best G'KAR release as it is the least compressed. Still, it still has some compression pixelization and is far too overfiltered. In an attempt to remedy the softness of picture, there has been a lot of sharpening placed upon this. I suppose some people might prefer this to softness though.


So, those are my opinions on all the releases. Does anyone agree with them?

By the way, I will be uploading Lee Thorogood's set as soon as I have time. I know I have greatly delayed on this, but I need to take my computer somewhere and can't leave it on automatic upload for the time being.