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The Definitive - tractor beam - Close the blast doors - Blast it, Biggs/Wedge - you don't taste very good - Noooooo!!!" - Preservation Guide.
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9-Oct-2011, 6:10 PM
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hairy_hen said:

The GOUT mixes are all from 1993, so they don't need to be in a separate category.

One other thing: while I can't state this with absolute certainty, I'm pretty sure that there were no 1985 remixes for ESB or RotJ.  With no content changes, and the total sound being so similar, I think the theatrical stereo tracks were used for all home releases up until 1993.


I have already thought about adding the GOUT as a source of the 1993 mix. DONE

Agreed too about the 1985 remixes of ESB and ROTJ. All I know for certain is that ESB went to Digital Sound at this time and to me, that alone is enough of a difference to list it seperately - even if it is the same mix.

I have updated the original post as follows. I hope the wording is to everyone's liking.......

Dialogue Difference 5 29:46

When R2-D2 is being loaded into Luke's X-Wing, C-3PO says an extra "and" before saying "do take good care of yourself.". However, in all the pre-SE mixes, the extra "and" is actually there but cannot be heard under normal listening conditions. In the SE mix and beyond, the extra "and" is very clearly heard.